Product Review: Van!lla Payroll

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Van!lla Payroll is outstanding payroll software which is very user friendly and takes all the statutory hassles out of your payroll activities.  As SARS is putting more and more responsibility on employers to conform to statutory requirements and the penalties are high for non compliance, Van!lla Payroll software is the perfect solution to consider if you want peace of mind that all requirements are being met.

Van!lla Payroll Software :

  • Is affordable, simple to install and easy to use
  • Will run your payroll  quickly easily and accurately
  • Will produce professional looking pay slips that can be printed on confidential stationery
  • Will keep you up to date with government legislation
  • Will keep track of all leave and overtime
  • Allows you to complete year-end procedures as it interfaces with SARS E@syFile
  • Is fully SARS compliant

The start of the new Payroll financial year in March is a great time to make the change to hassle-free payroll. Click Here to make an appointment

Registering Employees for Income Tax

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SARS has stipulated that it is mandatory to register all your employees for Income Tax. Employers need to register each of their employees for income tax EVEN if they do not pay tax and are below the threshold. This will be a mandatory requirement for the EMP 501 February 2011 reconciliation due at the end of April 2011. Please do not leave it to the last minute as SARS may not be able to accommodate you timeously and if you cannot submit your reconciliation you will be liable for heavy penalties levied by SARS. You are now able to apply for these Income Tax no’s on the SARS eFiling website if you are an e-filer. Please can you contact me and make an appointment if you would like me to assist you in this regard. Click Here to send me an email request