Accounting for Non Profit Organisations

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Non Profit Organisations  have huge reporting challenges to keep donors and board of trustees informed. Most accounting personnel in these organisations spend many hours manually drawing up reports to satisfy the various stake holders reporting requirements. After consultation with many clients and with these challenges in mind, I have developed a specialized setup in QuickBooks that will provide diverse reporting  business management tools. By capturing the accounting data once, this data can be reviewed from many angles.

Some of the in depth reports that QuickBooks can provide include:

  • Budget Reports by Donor/Funder
  • Budget vs Actual  by Donor/Funder
  • Budget Reports by Project
  • Budget vs Actual by Project
  • Profit & Loss by Project
  • Profit & Loss by Donor/Funder
  • Profit & Loss by Donor/Funder by Project
  • Profit & Loss by Donor/Funder by month
  • Donor reports over financial years  that differ from the NPO’s financial year
  • Donor Control Accounts to track balance of Donor funds remaining
  • Expenditure transaction detail by Funder
  • Expenditure transaction detail by project


The specialised  setup of the company data file is crucial for the success of this amazing business management tool.

For further information contact: Moira Pottow  Cell: 0723695903 or

eZ Bank Account Import Add On

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You’re just a click away from downloading your bank statements directly into QuickBooks

eZ is more than just a file converter, it’s an integrated application for QuickBooks that supports most South African online banking formats.
It’s advantages are huge. Traditionally, bank statements had to be manually entered into QuickBooks.

This Add-on:

  •  Saves time
  • Eliminates data entry error
  • Speeds up reconciliation and reporting of financial statements
  • Controls how and what is imported into your QuickBooks bank register

It takes just 3 simple steps for the eZ Account Import to transfer your banking transactions to your QuickBooks bank register:

  • Step 1: Download your statement from your online banking account
  • Step 2: Review and approve your transactions
  • Step 3: Import into QuickBooks register