Moving an Applied Credit to a Different Invoice

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A client requested help with the following problem: “I applied a credit to a customer’s invoice, and it should have been applied to a different invoice. I can’t find a way to un-apply or move the credit amount”. You can change the invoice to which a credit was applied. This task requires several steps, but if you follow the instructions a step at a time, it’s not as complicated as it seems.
1. Open the invoice to which you applied the credit.
2. Click the History button at the top of the transaction window to display the list of all transactions linked to this invoice.
3. Click the listing for the credit you want to change, and click Go To, to open the original credit transaction.
4. Change the customer name to another customer. It doesn’t matter which customer you choose because you’re going to change it back (I create a customer named @Test to use for occasions like this and for other “tests” I want to run and it will default to the top of your customer list).
5. Click Yes in any warning dialogs QuickBooks displays about the results of making this change. Now you’ve destroyed the link between the credit and the invoice to which it was originally applied. (QuickBooks returns you to the original invoice window, where the credit no longer appears in the History dialog.)
6. Open the credit transaction you just moved to another customer (@Test). (You can select the credit from the other customer’s history by selecting the customer and pressing Ctrl-Q.
7. In the Create Credit Memos transaction window, change the customer name back to the original customer name.
8. When you save the transaction, QuickBooks offers the original choices for applying this credit. Choose to apply the credit to an existing invoice, and be sure to select the right invoice.