Receiving a Customer Payment for Multiple Jobs

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A client wrote to say that he tracks jobs, and sends invoices to customers on a job-by-job basis. Some of his customers send a single cheque to cover multiple invoices connected to different jobs (and sometimes the cheque is a partial payment on each job). He said he was selecting a job in the Receive Payments transaction window, applying the appropriate amount to the Payment Amount field, and then moving to the next job. He used the same cheque number for each payment. This turned out to be a problem when a customer called to ask him a question about total payments, including questions about a particular check. You can easily apply a payment against multiple jobs. Just select the Customer Name in the Receive Payments window, instead of selecting a job.  QuickBooks displays all the open invoices for all of that customer’s jobs in the transaction window and you can apply payments, and partial payments to each job.