Managing Multiple Warehouses

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Many clients have asked how to manage and keep track of multiple warehouses in QuickBooks. QuickBooks has not been designed to efficiently manage multiple warehouses. The good news is that we now have ACCTivate! which is inventory Management software that works in conjunction with QuickBooks.

ACCTivate! for QuickBooks allows for inventory to be configured and organized across multiple, actual or virtual, warehouses. A warehouse can be a different physical location, logical division of inventory or a financial segmentation such as:
  • Geographic
    Warehouses defined by physical, geographic locations
    Ex: Gauteng~ Durban ~ Capetown
  • Category
    Warehouses defined by category or inventory type
    Ex: Dry Goods ~ Freezer ~ Liquids ~ Hazardous material
  • Location
    Warehouses defined for inventory accountability control
    Ex: Warehouse ~ Truck 1 ~ Truck 2
  • Ownership
    Warehouses defined by product ownership
    Ex: Company-owned ~ Consigned inventory from vendor ~ Consigned inventory to customer
  • Status
    Warehouses defined by inventory status
    Ex: Inspection ~ Available for Sale ~ Damaged ~ Returned ~ Repair ~ Return to vendor
  • Usage
    Warehouses defined by usage
    Ex: Raw materials ~ Work in progress (WIP) ~ Finished goods ~ Outsourced

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