Accounting for Non Profit Organisations

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Non Profit Organisations  have huge reporting challenges to keep donors and board of trustees informed. Most accounting personnel in these organisations spend many hours manually drawing up reports to satisfy the various stake holders reporting requirements. After consultation with many clients and with these challenges in mind, I have developed a specialized setup in QuickBooks that will provide diverse reporting  business management tools. By capturing the accounting data once, this data can be reviewed from many angles.

Some of the in depth reports that QuickBooks can provide include:

  • Budget Reports by Donor/Funder
  • Budget vs Actual  by Donor/Funder
  • Budget Reports by Project
  • Budget vs Actual by Project
  • Profit & Loss by Project
  • Profit & Loss by Donor/Funder
  • Profit & Loss by Donor/Funder by Project
  • Profit & Loss by Donor/Funder by month
  • Donor reports over financial years  that differ from the NPO’s financial year
  • Donor Control Accounts to track balance of Donor funds remaining
  • Expenditure transaction detail by Funder
  • Expenditure transaction detail by project


The specialised  setup of the company data file is crucial for the success of this amazing business management tool.

For further information contact: Moira Pottow  Cell: 0723695903 or

eZ Bank Account Import Add On

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You’re just a click away from downloading your bank statements directly into QuickBooks

eZ is more than just a file converter, it’s an integrated application for QuickBooks that supports most South African online banking formats.
It’s advantages are huge. Traditionally, bank statements had to be manually entered into QuickBooks.

This Add-on:

  •  Saves time
  • Eliminates data entry error
  • Speeds up reconciliation and reporting of financial statements
  • Controls how and what is imported into your QuickBooks bank register

It takes just 3 simple steps for the eZ Account Import to transfer your banking transactions to your QuickBooks bank register:

  • Step 1: Download your statement from your online banking account
  • Step 2: Review and approve your transactions
  • Step 3: Import into QuickBooks register

Three Day half price special for QuickBooks Pro 2014

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Seeing as its coming to the festive season, we have decided to make you feel like a pro by giving you the exclusive product QuickBooks Pro 2014 at half the price. What a bargain! There are many ways in which this product can improve your company.

Would you like to,

  • Scan copy or drag documents into the new Docs Centre
  • Attach multiple documents when emailing customers and suppliers
  • Stay on top of your receivables with the ‘income tracker’
  • Setting up multiple email templates
  • Tracing the emails sent
  • Emailing payment receipts

that’s just the beginning of the list of amazing new features of this new exclusive product.

The Special ends on Thursday the 5 December 2013.

But that’s not all if you like our Facebook page you can stand a chance to win two hours of training or support, winner will be announced on the 17 December 2013.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

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We’re proud to introduce an even more powerful version of QuickBooks accounting software – QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. It has been specifically designed for growing and established companies to manage their increasingly complex business finances.

QuickBooks has historically focused on serving the needs of small and medium sized businesses in South Africa. This is the first time the company has introduced an offering into the top end of the market. It is an all-in-one software programme with a full suite of features. There are no hidden surprises and of course it comes with QuickBooks legendary, easy-to-use interface that has made QuickBooks the choice of more than 4.5 million businesses globally.

This is what Kenneth Garnett, founder of Gee & Gee Supplies, has to say about QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions: “We run our engineering supplies business on QuickBooks and think it is fantastic software, but we had reached the limit to track all of our product items. By upgrading to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions we can now store details of up to one million items, so there is plenty of room to grow. It also has a powerful search facility that makes it easy to quickly find and select items. This upgrade has been hugely advantageous for us.”

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions offers the following benefits:

  • In Enterprise track up to a million customers, suppliers and items.  
    With room for up to a million names and items, growing and large companies don’t have to worry about running out of space for their records.
  •  Multi-user access for improved productivity.
    Up to 30 people can work on the same company file at the same time – ideal for busy finance or sales teams.
  • Advanced user permission controls.  
    Businesses can have finer control over which areas and functions their users can access, protecting sensitive data or important business information.  Users can even be allowed or denied access to a particular bank account.
  • Advanced data sharing and analysis allows for better decision making.
    The software allows users to generate automated and customisable reports and analyze and share data by exporting reports to Microsoft Excel, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access and other ODBC compliant applications.
  • Work with many company files.  
    Users can open and manage any number of company files, at no extra cost.
  • Multi-company consolidation.
    Users can generate multi-company reports for over-arching visibility across multiple companies, or a business split into different divisions.
  • Stock Centre  Run detailed stock reports, for example: stocktake worksheet, stock valuation summary by site etc.  
    Adjust stock from one location and add/view stock images for all stock parts.
  • Advance Stock Control  Track stock in multiple sites.
    Serial/batch number tracking on sales, purchases or transfers.  Setup bar codes (Does not come with bar code printer, scanner or label printer).

Reward your business with QuickBooks 2013

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Have just received notification of this great special now. If you would like to take advantage of these great prices, please can you  let me know asap as the offer expires on Friday 30th November.

QuickBooks for Farmers in Kwazulu Natal

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QuickBooks for Farmers in Kwazulu Natal is a step-by-step, 1 day workshop covering farm accounting topics. Its aimed at anyone working with the QuickBooks software in agriculture: farmers, accountants, tax practitioners, extension officers, and teachers and students of agriculture.
The first half of the workshop is devoted to the basics of setting up QuickBooks for a farm business. This includes ideas and approaches for setting up a farm business Chart of Accounts, ways to set up Classes to allow enterprise accounting, discussions highlighting QuickBooks features most farm businesses should use. And last but not least, a bunch of things most farmers should start and stop doing to save a bucket load of cash.
The second half of the workshop provides detailed, step-by-step guidelines for farm business transactions. Topics include everything from basic income and expense entries, to details on handling of more unusual farm business transactions like how to deduct commissions and hauling from a milk check or livestock sale receipts, how to handle grain and livestock inventories in the QuickBooks inventory system, how to get reports quantities with statistics like average price received per ton, and more.
Here are just a few of the topics covered in The QuickBooks for Farmers in Kwazulu Natal 1 day workshop:
  • Cash vs Accrual Accounting
  • Recording cash income
  • Deducting expenses (hauling, commissions, etc.) from a deposit
  • Withholding cash from a deposit
  • Recording milk checks, capital retains, and revolvements
  • Accounting for resale livestock.
  • Tracking quantities of things you sell.
  • Handling grain inventories
  • Recording cash discounts
  • Handling credits on account at the farm supply dealer
  • Recording refunds of expenses.
  • The best way to enter farm & personal cash spending & income.
  • Tracking quantities of things you buy.
  • Vat Returns
  • Recording Diesel Rebates from SARS
  • Setting Up Budgets and associated reporting
  • Tracking family living expenses using equity accounts
  • Farm asset and liability basics.
  • Tracking depreciable asset purchases and sales
  • Setting up accounts for loans and notes.
  • Recording loan payments
  • Borrowing/paying on a line of credit.
  • Backing up and storing your QuickBooks records.
  • Overview of Quickbooks 2010 features
QuickBooks for Farmers in Kwazulu Natal is a 1 day Workshop for beginning to intermediate users of QuickBooks, with a few topics for advanced users.

Product Review: Van!lla Payroll

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Van!lla Payroll is outstanding payroll software which is very user friendly and takes all the statutory hassles out of your payroll activities.  As SARS is putting more and more responsibility on employers to conform to statutory requirements and the penalties are high for non compliance, Van!lla Payroll software is the perfect solution to consider if you want peace of mind that all requirements are being met.

Van!lla Payroll Software :

  • Is affordable, simple to install and easy to use
  • Will run your payroll  quickly easily and accurately
  • Will produce professional looking pay slips that can be printed on confidential stationery
  • Will keep you up to date with government legislation
  • Will keep track of all leave and overtime
  • Allows you to complete year-end procedures as it interfaces with SARS E@syFile
  • Is fully SARS compliant

The start of the new Payroll financial year in March is a great time to make the change to hassle-free payroll. Click Here to make an appointment

Registering Employees for Income Tax

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SARS has stipulated that it is mandatory to register all your employees for Income Tax. Employers need to register each of their employees for income tax EVEN if they do not pay tax and are below the threshold. This will be a mandatory requirement for the EMP 501 February 2011 reconciliation due at the end of April 2011. Please do not leave it to the last minute as SARS may not be able to accommodate you timeously and if you cannot submit your reconciliation you will be liable for heavy penalties levied by SARS. You are now able to apply for these Income Tax no’s on the SARS eFiling website if you are an e-filer. Please can you contact me and make an appointment if you would like me to assist you in this regard. Click Here to send me an email request

Managing Multiple Warehouses

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Many clients have asked how to manage and keep track of multiple warehouses in QuickBooks. QuickBooks has not been designed to efficiently manage multiple warehouses. The good news is that we now have ACCTivate! which is inventory Management software that works in conjunction with QuickBooks.

ACCTivate! for QuickBooks allows for inventory to be configured and organized across multiple, actual or virtual, warehouses. A warehouse can be a different physical location, logical division of inventory or a financial segmentation such as:
  • Geographic
    Warehouses defined by physical, geographic locations
    Ex: Gauteng~ Durban ~ Capetown
  • Category
    Warehouses defined by category or inventory type
    Ex: Dry Goods ~ Freezer ~ Liquids ~ Hazardous material
  • Location
    Warehouses defined for inventory accountability control
    Ex: Warehouse ~ Truck 1 ~ Truck 2
  • Ownership
    Warehouses defined by product ownership
    Ex: Company-owned ~ Consigned inventory from vendor ~ Consigned inventory to customer
  • Status
    Warehouses defined by inventory status
    Ex: Inspection ~ Available for Sale ~ Damaged ~ Returned ~ Repair ~ Return to vendor
  • Usage
    Warehouses defined by usage
    Ex: Raw materials ~ Work in progress (WIP) ~ Finished goods ~ Outsourced

Please contact me on

STOP PRESS: Superior Inventory Management Software in South Africa!

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ACCTivate!‘s powerful Inventory management system for QuickBooks organizes information for effective management and accurate control of inventory, resulting in increased productivity and efficiencies. From extensive tactical essentials to comprehensive visibility and decision-making capabilities, ACCTivate! delivers a superior inventory control solution.